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Hampden Pond borders Church Lane and South Street, and can be accessed through pedestrian gates located on Heron Path, Church Lane and South Street.

The pond consists of two distinct pools, the larger is orientated in line with Church Lane and bordered by the Heron Path, the smaller is bordered by South Street. The two pools are separated by a small island of trees and shrubs.


The pond is approximately 6047 m² including an island of 222 m², giving a total area of open water of 5825 m². The depth is variable and in 2013 a specialist pond company considered the pond has an average depth of 1.4 metres and a maximum depth of 2.2 metres with the deepest area being that to the west of the island.


The pond sits on a chalk bed and due to the porous nature of chalk there are considerable differences in the water level within the pond. Whilst there is anecdotal evidence of leakage, it is believed that the pond simply tracks the level of the water table and whilst there is certainly the ability for water to discharge into the pond this not a reliable source and is simply surface water drainage. There is, also anecdotal evidence of recharge of water from a spring close to the pond but it is believed this was diverted as part of the construction of the Wendover by-pass meaning there is no constant recharge for the pond.


More information about the pond can be found here.

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