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Visit Wendover

Wendover High Street


Experience the charm of our town as you take in the iconic view of the Clock Tower against the stunning backdrop of the Chiltern Hills.


Enjoy a leisurely stroll along the High Street, where you can dine at local restaurants or shop at independent stores for unique finds. Our town offers a perfect blend of picturesque scenery, culinary delights, and boutique shopping, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.


Embracing its vibrant community spirit, Wendover comes alive with its much-anticipated Local Produce Market, a delightful affair held every third Saturday of the month. This lively event showcases the town's dedication to freshness and quality, with local vendors. There are a wide variety of stalls on offer including plants & flowers, baked goods, cakes, meat, cheese & wood carving!.

But the market magic doesn't stop there - Wendover keeps the momentum going with its weekly Thursday Market, from the colourful array of fruits and vegetables to the warmth of shared conversations, Wendover's markets encapsulate the heart and soul of the community, making each visit an opportunity to forge connections, support local businesses, and experience the town's vibrant pulse.

Wendover Markets
Witchell Park


Wendover is a haven of recreation, featuring three vibrant playgrounds, alongside three inviting parks, each with its own unique charm. For those seeking an active escape, a fitness trail weaves through the natural beauty, offering a refreshing outdoor workout. Whether enjoying family time, serene park strolls, or energising fitness, Wendover provides a range of leisure options for everyone to relish.


Wendover Library stands as a welcoming hub of knowledge and community engagement. With its shelves adorned with a diverse collection of books, from classics to contemporary bestsellers, the library invites literary exploration for all ages. Beyond its literary treasures, the library serves as a space for learning, hosting informative workshops and events that cater to the curious minds of Wendover's residents. It's not just a repository of books; it's a dynamic center that fosters learning, connection, and a love for the written word within the heart of the town.

Wendover Library
Wendover Swimming Pool


Wendover Swimming Pool, at the heart of the town, is a serene escape for all. From leisurely dips to enthusiastic swims, the pool caters to diverse preferences. Lifeguards ensure safety, creating a worry-free environment. More than a pool, it's a communal space fostering both relaxation and connections among residents and visitors.


St. Mary's Church in Wendover stands as an architectural and historical treasure, a testament to the town's enduring legacy. Its striking spire punctuates the skyline, drawing the eye to a place where centuries of worship and community converge. Within its hallowed walls, echoes of the past resonate, carrying tales of generations that have gathered for solace and celebration. The church's tranquil ambiance and intricate details invite contemplation, while its role as a cultural landmark is perpetuated through events, concerts, and gatherings that continue to breathe life into its storied halls. As both a symbol of faith and a cornerstone of local heritage, St. Mary's Church remains an integral part of Wendover's identity, embodying the town's rich history and enduring spirit.

St Mary's Church, Wendover
Lindengate Charity


Lindengate Charity in Wendover stands as a flourishing sanctuary that transcends traditional notions of healing. With nature as its canvas and therapeutic gardening as its brush, Lindengate cultivates a unique space where the restorative power of the outdoors merges with mental well-being. This haven serves as a nurturing environment where individuals find solace, respite, and a sense of belonging amidst the blossoming flora. Through its innovative programs and compassionate support, Lindengate not only tends to the land but also tends to the soul, encouraging growth, resilience, and renewed vitality in the hearts of those it touches.


Wendover Youth Centre stands as a dynamic haven for young minds to flourish and connect. Within its vibrant walls, creativity takes centre stage, empowering adolescents to explore their passions and curiosities. The center's diverse programs facilitate personal growth, from skill-building workshops to engaging social activities, nurturing both talents and friendships. As a nurturing space that embraces individuality, Wendover Youth Centre plays a pivotal role in shaping the next generation, providing a safe and inspiring environment where young people can carve their paths, express themselves, and build lasting memories.

Wendover Youth Centre
Wendover Cricket Club


Wendover Cricket Club is a lively hub where the thrill of the game meets strong camaraderie. With well-kept grounds and enthusiastic players, it captures cricket's essence. Matches here celebrate teamwork and competition, cultivating a close community that cherishes both the sport and shared moments. From the sidelines to the crease, Wendover Cricket Club embodies sportsmanship's joy and the connections it nurtures.


Wendover Tennis & Squash Club is a vibrant hub where sports and community unite. Its well-kept courts invite players of all levels for energetic games. Beyond the matches, the club's welcoming atmosphere nurtures connections, making it a place where sportsmanship matters as much as competition. Whether honing skills or seeking challenges, the club offers growth and enjoyment. It's not just a sports venue; it's where active lifestyles and camaraderie flourish.

Wendover Tennis and Squash Club
Wendover & Chiltern Bowls Club


Wendover & Chiltern Bowls Club is a peaceful retreat where lawn bowls and community blend seamlessly. The manicured greens host friendly games, welcoming novices and experienced bowlers alike. Beyond the matches, the club's warm atmosphere nurtures connections, creating a space where players build friendships and share moments of triumph. It's not just about the sport; it's where people gather to enjoy the outdoors, refine technique, and embrace unity.

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