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Wendover has two playgrounds, three parks and a fitness trail.


Witchell Meadow is a lovely open space, widely used by dog walkers, families and Wendover Cricket Club. To the left of meadow there is a small pond, you will also find two picnic tables here. Additional seating can be found in the far-left corner, where in the spring you will find daffodils and bluebells.


The quickest way to reach Hampden Meadow Fitness Trail and Playground is by using the gate to the right of Witchell Meadow and crossing Chapel Lane. The Fitness Trail includes parallel bars, push up bars, a timber ladder and sit up benches. The playpark area is secure and includes a wide range of play equipment for children up to 12 years old.


Ashbrook Park (also known as Castle Park) can be found along the Aylesbury Road. The walk to Ashbrook will take around 20 minutes from the Village Centre, here you will find a range of play equipment for toddlers to young teenagers.


More information on Wendover's playgrounds and parks can be found here.

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